Telecare platform –

MobiWin is an innovative software solution for call centres and users of safety phones or mobile phones with an SOS button for seniors.

MobiWin provides an integration of different telecare products (care phones, mobile phones with an SOS button for seniors, fall sensors, motion sensors, etc.). The system is especially viable for call centres since it provides the operators with information about the identity of the caller, the alarm type, and the location, so the care personnel can reach the user in need as soon as possible.

The MobiWin system offers advanced management of all types of alarms, and different access levels for different types of call centre operators. In addition, families of telecare users can use an interface to check previous events related to the user.

HomeTab solution

Vital role of Smart Homes in Intelligent Homecare and Healthcare Enviroments

Smart Home possibilities in the development of context-aware homes able to take intelligent decisions and respond autonomously according to the environmental situation at any moment.

Advanced IP-based carephone and smart wristband for home care market

HomeTab is desktop based touch-screen IP-based careophone specially adapted both from hardware and software side for it’s end users (mostly elderly people, not having much technology skills).

Automatic Pill dispenser

An automatic pill dispenser is a perfect solution for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or mild dementia, mentally or visually impaired patients, or patients who need to take multiple different medications and need notifications when certain medications have to be taken.

The automatic pill dispenser can be filled with a supply of pills that lasts between one week and one month, depending on the number of daily doses. A loud acoustic signal announces a certain pill needs to be taken. Only that specific pill is available to the patient, as previously set in the dosing area. If the tablet is not taken at the set time, it is safely stored in a locked tablet dispenser and notification send to HomeTab.

Fall prevention system

Our Fall prevention system helps prevent any falls that might happen beforehand. The solution is intended for people that are in high risk of falling. Our network of sensors seamlessly integrated in the Nurse Call System helps them stay on their feet, keeps them risk free and prevents them from getting into risky situations.

Caretronic’s Fall prevention system includes:

  • Wireless BED SENSOR (under mattress) – also option with added wet-sensor
  • Wireless FLOOR MAT
  • Gateways can also be installed outwards
  • Wireless MOTION SENSOR

Dementia care solution

The dementia care system included in the NurseCare nurse call system provides residents with more free space, improved quality of life, better atmosphere and safety, while relieving the nursing staff.

RTLS and dementia system

  • Positioning of the wristband wearer
  • Dementia gateways to monitor exits, elevators etc.
  • Gateways can also be installed outwards
  • More security and freedom for people with dementia

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NurseCare system is very flexible, it can be wired or wireless. Caretronic team is always available, full of knowledge with a “can-do” attitude. We are looking forward to our future collaboration.

Customer from Vienna, Austria
Caretronic has decades of experience in the healthcare market, vast knowledge, numerous references, and last but not least an advanced IP Nurse Call system that combines a nurse call system with healthcare management and nursing documentation in one device.
Customer from Belgrade, Serbia
Great modularity of the system. The in-house experience and ability to integrate with the existing hospital information system made our decision with Caretronic easy.
Customer from Turku, Finland
Caretronic’s NurseCare helps aged care providers in Australia meet national quality standards by offering an innovative custom solution that is both powerful and flexible. Facilities can improve their workflow experience for staff and deliver documentation integration advantages for management, all whilst offering better ways for living and smarter ways to care.
Customer from Melbourne, Australia
The system’s ability to use existing infrastructure is a great advantage in convincing a customer to replace an existing system, along with the capabilities and flexibility of the system and continuous company support.
Customer from Eilat, Israel
An advanced manufacturer with a vision for the future.
Customer from Vilnius, Lithuania

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