We offer a comprehensive suite of training modules for medical hoist slings

  • Familiarisation Training of patient hoists and slings for disabled
  • Basic Patient Hoist Sling Training
  • Advanced Patient Hoist Sling Training (including standing slings for ceiling hoists)
  • Hospital Patient Hoist Sling Champion (Train the Trainer)

The feedback we receive from running these courses is overwhelmingly positive. Today in Ireland it’s clear that a lot of money has been spent on educating carers and nurses on how use a sling, however the main area of concern from our point of view, is the lack of understanding about choosing the correct sling in the first place. What job are you trying to do? What condition/function does my patient have?

The Initial Patient Sling Assessment is probably the single most important element of the Whole Patient Ceiling Hoist System to get right.

Choose disposable slings too small, and you cause pain and discomfort.

Choose toileting slings too large and you can jack-knife through the sling.

Choose a sling that your patient doesn’t have the function for and injury is not far away. And it some cases death! Even in Ireland.

Enable Supplies provide expert on site Hoist Sling Assessments for OT’s, Home Helps and Private Individuals across Ireland. It is imperative to us, the correct sling type and size is supplied, particularly for clients who may be nonverbal and have complex needs or where the potential risk of injury is high. With these factors in mind, we work with several suppliers to ensure the best fit in terms of sling type, size and material for your clients body type, behaviour and condition.

For Practical Hands On Training with certified Patient Handling Instructors who specialise in Patient Slings and Patient Hoists

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