Since the introduction of the Disabilities Act in 2005, Enable Supplies have been providing Accessibility Audits for both public and private enterprises across Ireland. One of the explicit aims of the Act is to have all public buildings comply with Part M of the Building Regulations by 1st January 2016. The exception however, lies in cases where adaptations or modifications to buildings would either:

  1. Change the nature of the business, profession or trade of the service provider, information or goods.
  2. Constitute a risk to the health, safety or welfare of any person.

Being heavily involved in accessibility audits has enabled the company to transfer a lot of that knowledge and experience into home assessments for private individuals and those looking to make their home more mobile friendly.

It has also formed the foundation upon which we deliver our Changing Rooms concept ie a Bathroom for all levels of disability for Public Buildings and Places of Work with high foot fall.

*A Changing Places Bathroom typically contains an accessible toilet with shower facilities, Patient Hoist and an electric height adjustable changing bench.

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