The Vamat, is an automatic shower toilet that intimately washes the visitor with heated water & dries them with a stream of warm air, leaving the person clean, dry and fresh.

The shower toilet unit uses mains feed water only. Thereby eliminating the diseases associated with tank feed or stagnant water.

When activated, the shower toilet douche arm moves into position and washes the pelvic area from front to back with warm clean water. When the washing cycle is complete, the douche are retracts back to standby position and the air dryer blows gentle heated air across the skin to dry and complete the toilet experience.

Typical users who enjoy the increase freedom, comfort and dignity that the Vamat brings are

those with Arthritis in the Hands, Shoulder or Back,

those with Reduced mobility, or finger / hand dexterity

those with Parkinsons, and other Neurological Conditions such as MS, MND, CP, Early onset Huntingtons, Dementia

wheelchair users, mobile impaired

those who are elderly, obese, bariatric, pregnant

and able bodied people who enjoy a daily bidet.


The shower toilet unit ensures Total Infection Control, and hence facilitates safe and hygienic toileting for multiple users in high infection environments, such as nursing home or hospital environment

The Vamat Unit is installed in place of the original toilet seat on an existing toilet bowl, hence there is no requirement for civil works or major bathroom adaptations.

The water wash and drying cycles can be programmed to meet the users specific wash and dry requirements.

A range of toilet risers and Anti-Decubitus seats are available to match the bathrooms decor. Head, hand or foot switches are available depending on preferences.

The Vamat Unit ensures essential dignity, comfort and privacy when toileting.