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Stationary brackets for upper wall cabinets in the kitchen is suitable if you only need to adjust the height of the cabinets occasionally. This solution is amongst others suitable for senior housings and disability friendly homes where the kitchen is readjusted when a new resident moves in.

The brackets fit all standard upper wall cabinets. Once you have mounted a cabinet on the brackets, you can adjust them stepwise in intervals of 4,2 cm. This means you will get flexible kitchen cupboards that look like ordinary cabinets but has the accessibility that people with limited mobility need.


Stationary brackets for kitchen upper wall cabinets are suitable when you only need occasional height adjustment

In senior housings and disability friendly homes the kitchen has to be accessible and flexible. This means that it may be necessary to install upper wall cabinets that are height adjustable. There are solutions with electrical height adjustment, but if you only need to adjust the height occasionally, stationary brackets are ideal, since they are both very user-friendly and financially worthwhile.

If you choose to mount kitchen upper wall cabinets on stationary brackets, you can adjust the height stepwise in intervals of 4,2 cm. This can be an advantage, e.g., in senior housings and disability friendly homes where you need to readjust the kitchen for a new resident that has different needs than the previous.

Fits all standard kitchen wall cabinets

ROPOX brackets for upper wall cupboards fit all standard cabinets. That allows you to choose a kitchen from one of the regular kitchen suppliers on the market. When you mount the wall cabinets, you put a bracket with hooks on the wall and a bracket on the cabinet and then you hang the cabinet on the on the wall bracket. When you would like to adjust the height, you use the intervals on the wall bracket to lower or raise the cupboard height. The intervals are 4,2 cm each, and the total adjustment range is 28,5 cm.

The hidden brackets keep the kitchen looking elegant

When the brackets are mounted, they are hidden since they are placed on the backside of the cupboard. They are attached to the back of the cabinet with a bracket fastened on each side of it. That is why the cabinets look like ordinary kitchen cupboards even when they are mounted on the height adjustable brackets.

You will have kitchen cupboards that are flexible and where the height adjustment feature is hidden allowing you to keep a clean, elegant look in the kitchen interior.

Flexible kitchen cupboards for seniors and people with mobility disabilities

Flexibility and accessibility are essential to enable seniors and people with limited mobility to use the kitchen. The height adjustable brackets are especially suitable for accommodation for people with special needs. When you lower the cupboards  to the minimum height, seated users, e.g., wheelchair users, can reach the cabinet content. That makes the residents more independent and self-reliant in the kitchen and being able to take care of yourself can add significantly to the quality of life.

Stationary Brackets Technial Data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/EN12182-2012
Max. load: 90 kg evenly distributed

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