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With Molift Raiser Pro, the user can start mobilising early, even in the hospital’s intensive care unit and can be used to help the user regain mobility.

  • From improving balance
  • Sitting on the bedside to standing up
  • Transfer from one sitting surface to another
  • Practice Standing Up

Molift Raiser Pro is used for transferring a person from one sitting surface to another. It gives the user an opportunity to practice daily to improve their ability and strength. The thoughtful ergonomic design of Molift Raiser Pro makes it the perfect choice for short active transfers in hospitals, care settings and home environments


The ergonomic platform for a safe and active sit-to-stand transfer

Natural movement patterns
Molift Raiser Pro gives the user the opportunity to use their own muscle power during a transfer. The natural movement pattern is stimulated and the ergonomic design makes the user feel safe during the entire transfer. Molift Raiser Pro is intuitive which makes it easy to understand and use.

Transfers in confined spaces
Molift Raiser Pro is stable and can turn within its own radius which makes it very easy to manoeuvre. It is ideal in confined spaces, for instance in toilets. Molift Raiser Pro ensures safe, active standing support during short transfers, such as between beds and wheelchairs/shower chairs. It assists carers when carrying out transfers with minimum risk of injury.

Works in all healthcare environments
Molift Raiser Pro helps users to train and rehabilitate in all healthcare environments, during every transfer so mobilisation can begin early, right in the intensive care unit. The user can initially improve their balance when sitting and standing up. Molift Raiser Pro always provides safe support.

Molift Raiser Pro is suitable for use with a single caregiver. For guidance see our user manual.


Item number

Depth (mm)

Height (mm)


Maximum user weight (kg)

Step on height (mm)

Weight (kg)

Width (mm)

Molift Raiser Pro160902046301200Powder coated aluminium, plastic, steel, chrome 31703510,7540

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