Sit-On High II

  1. The user can remain sitting on the sling
  2. Additional head support
  3. Lifting capacity up to 255 kg

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  1. The user can remain sitting on the sling
  2. Additional head support
  3. Lifting capacity up to 255 kg


Moving and handling users who need to remain sitting on the sling with head support

The Sit-On High II is a sling designed for lifting and moving users who need to stay sitting on the sling for long periods due to high weight or customized wheelchair.
The head support can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs and can be folded away whilst sitting in a wheelchair. The sling supports the thighs, back and head of the user and the design prevents the thighs from rotating inwards during the lift.

The sling is used for lifts to and from sitting position from a bed or wheelchair but is fitted while the user is in a lying position. It can also be used for recovery from the floor and transfers to a map or tilt table. The sling is suitable to stay under whilst seated.

The Sit-On High II is available in several sizes and is made from net polyester material, which is breathable, allowing the air to circulate around the body, reducing the risk of heat and moisture forming.

On the sling, there is a label with a QR code leading to a mobile site containing links to instruction video and user manual. Please note that the instruction video and manual is for both Sit-On High II as well as Sit-On Comfort High since the two slings are similar except for their material.

Lifting capacity of up to 255 kg.

The sling is well-suited for all Guldmann ceiling hoists and mobile lifters.

Using the appropriate sling is crucial for efficient transfers to ensure dignity, comfort, and safety for both the user and the care provider. For more information about how to choose the correct sling and size, please go to our Sling Guide or the size guide below.


Product Number Size Materiale
298031 XS Net Polyester
298041 S Net Polyester
298051 M Net Polyester
298061 L Net Polyester
298071 XL Net Polyester
298081 XXL Net Polyester
298091 XXXL Net Polyester

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