Shower/Changing bed

Shower/Changing bed

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The height-adjustable shower/changing bed makes showering and changing safe and comfortable for disabled and people with mobility disabilities.


Making it safe and comfortable

For disabled and people with limited functional capability, a shower/changing bed may be needed. The nursing bed ensures the user has  a comfortable position while lying safely on the soft slats.

The carer can use the electrical height adjustment to set the shower bed at the desired level. For example, the bed can be lowered for easy transfer of the user onto the shower/changing bed, and once the user lies safely, the carer can raise the bed to a comfortable working height.

It is also possible to mount bed guards on the side and at the end of the nursing bench. This is an extra safety feature that prevents the risk of falling injuries. The bed and end guards also keep the water spillage to a minimum.

Furthermore, you can put a headrest made of soft polyurethane (PUR) foam for added comfort for the user.

A stable and flexible nursing bed

The shower/changing bed is characterized by its level of comfort. The bed’s double-sided slats are made of polyurethane (PUR) which is a flexible and soft material giving the user a smooth base on the bench. The slats have a soft top side, which makes them very comfortable to lie on and a flatter side for easier rolling of the user.

The top side curves slightly downwards towards the middle of the slat. This means that the user lies safely and will naturally stay centered on the bed which ensures a secure position for the person bathing.

The other side of the slats is more firm and curves slightly up on the middle. This makes it easier for a helper to turn the user on the side when using the bed for changing.

The shapes of the slats improve the carer’s work environment because they help to guide the user into the right position.

When the shower/changing bed is not in use, it can be folded up against the wall. This way it does take up unnecessary space in the room.

Available as a wall-hung and a mobile model

The shower/changing bench is available in two versions: As a foldable nursing bench or as a movable stretcher. The foldable version is easy to fold up when not in use. This means that the bench does not take up unnecessary space in the bathroom, and you can use the bathroom area in the best possible way.

The movable model has a base with brake wheels allowing the caregivers to move the bench to the bedroom, assist the person onto the bench and move it back to the bathroom. This makes the shower/changing situation more comfortable for the user, and it reduces the number of person transfers for the carers. The result is an improved work environment for the carers and a better and more dignified experience for the user.

Cleaning-friendly design

The shower/changing bed has a smooth surface and rounded corners which make it easy to clean. Underneath the bed, a flexible hose drains water from the bed frame, and after bathing, you can easily and quickly remove the slats and clean the frame.

The smooth surface of the frame, as well as the slats, do not have any dirt traps. This guarantees that you can keep a high hygiene level to the benefit of the carer and the user.

Electrical height adjustment

The shower/changing bed has electrical height adjustment. The height is adjusted with the electric hand control. This way a carer can lower and raise the bed with one hand.

The height adjustment is 30-100 cm, i.e., a total range of 70 cm. Because the bed can be lowered to just 30 cm above floor level, the transfer of the user onto the bed can be done with a minimum of strain of the carer.

You can adjust the movable model from 52 to 92 cm in height. This means that the care workers can lower the bed to a comfortable work position, when helping a user onto the bench, and raise it to suit a standing helping position when the user is washed or changed.

Three sizes make it suitable for both children and adults

The shower/changing bed is available in three sizes:
146 cm with four slats
178 cm with five slats
210 cm with six slats

Each variant can be supplied with or without a back support that can be raised.

All models are tested and approved for a maximum load of 220 kg.

Shower/changing technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/ISO 17966-2016

Materials: Pur slats. Vacuum formed plastic. Aluminium. Coated steel. Stainless steel.

According to DS/ISO 17966:2016 – max. user weight Shower/changing bed 220 kg

Functional dimensions:
Wall-mounted: height adjustment from 300 to 1000 mm. According to DS/ISO 17966:2016 – max. user weight Shower/changing bed 220 kg.

Mobilio: height adjustment from 590 to 990 mm. According to DS/ISO 17966:2016 – max. user weight Shower/changing bed 200 kg.

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