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Integrated Curtain Solutions

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One of the biggest challenges for installing Patient Ceiling Hoists is the privacy curtain issue.

Traditional curtains that are suspended from the ceiling will interfere with the moving rail of a Ceiling Hoist system. Hence hospitals had a choice between nurse occupational health and safety and patient privacy and dignity.

Until very recently it was an either-or issue. Today that is no longer the case.

Introducing the Patented Integrated Hoist Curtain Track.

The new curtain track system, allows Hospitals to suspend privacy curtains and use patient ceiling hoists together at the same time. The innovative track is designed to extended and contract to allow the hoist moving rail to be positioned as needed. A specialised cantilevered wall bracket enables simple and unobtrusive installation of the curtain rails between the bed spaces. This wall bracket is also angle and tilt adjustable allowing for diagonal runs of track, or privacy in temporary spaces.


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