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Guldmann GH2 Lift Module

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The Guldman GH2 Lift module is a user-friendly and powerful ceiling hoist designed for permanent installation, with a maximum lifting capacity of 200 kg.


GH2-Ceiling Hoist

For the best, most user friendly and ergonomic Ceiling Hoist available in Ireland, Enable Supplies present The Guldmann Easy Lift.

With over 20 years of Operator R & D intrinsically designed into this Ceiling Hoist, we have eliminated the risk of back, shoulder and neck injuries, (a problem previously encountered with manual lifting.) for Healthcare professionals across Ireland

The excellent quality and simple design of this Guldmann Ceiling Hoist results in a cushioned and comfortable lift. The ergonomically designed hand control and free flow set-up allows the operator to maintain eye contact at all times. The new Ultra Glide rails facilitate silent night-time transfers, a must for any Irish Nursing Home.

Also, this Guldmann hoist is ideal for hospital environments as the system lends itself to total infection control. The Guldmann hoist is always available and ready for use. There are no storage requirements. The entire Hoist system is quite, discrete and non-intrusive.

In order to provide the best solution for your home, Enable Supplies provide the following Over Head Tracking Options on the Island of Ireland

  • Straight Track
  • Room Cover
  • Room cover with a Combination system
  • Room cover with a Turntable system
  • Room cover with a Switch Track system
  • Room cover with a Double Combination system
  • Switch Track
  • 90 degree bend
  • 60 degree bend

And depending on upon the room parameters and your own personal choice, Enable Supplies can install the system anywhere in Ireland as either a

  • Ceiling Mounted Tracking System
  • Wall Mounted Tracking System
  • Floor Mounted Tracking System

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