Guldmann GH2 F

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Portable Hoist GH2 F

The most innovative, compact and flexible, portable lifting module that provides security and dignity to all those touched by it.

The new GH2 F lifting module is the result of a 20 year long research project in which Guldmann combined advanced technology to meet the needs of staff, patients and financial controlers, with one system to safely handle all lifting and moving requirements.

This unique and patented system provides better working ergonomics and higher levels of comfort. The GH2F offers the greatest possible lifting height, and a safe, dignified lift.

The additional flexibility and enhanced efficiency of the GH2F lifting module means it is easy to move the hoist from one room to another. It installs and removes itself from the rail system automatically, and is transported in the light weight storage trolley. This trolley is then moved to the next room for use where it will again automatically re-install itself.

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