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FlexiElectric is a height adjustable and flexible kitchen table frame. When a kitchen worktop is mounted on the FlexiElectric frame, the height can be adjusted from 65-95 cm.

The height adjustment is electrical, and it is easy to lower or raise the worktop using the control switch that is integrated into the front edge of the worktop. With a light push on a button, the height is effortlessly set to the optimum work height – no matter if you are standing or seated.

A height adjustable kitchen worktop is especially an advantage to wheelchair users. They get easy access to the table and it provides sufficient legroom under the table.


When the kitchen worktop is flexible, everyone can use it

FlexiElectric is an electrical lift system for kitchen worktops. The lifting system is mounted on the wall by the worktop and makes the worktop height adjustable. A height adjustment of 65-95 cm results in a range of 30 cm. This makes it easy to raise the worktop for standing users, and it can be lowered for seated users, e.g., wheelchair users.

As there are no crossbars or cabinets that impedes room for the legs, wheelchair users get the needed flexibility and space to get close access to the table, and it becomes easier to maneuver the wheelchair in the kitchen.

It is also possible to add a sink or hotplates into the height-adjustable kitchen worktop. That gives seated users a much better position by the worktop when they would like to help to do the dishes or stir in the pots and pans, as their legs can get under the table and their sitting position becomes comfortable and balanced.

A height adjustable worktop provides the flexibility that people with reduced functional capacity need in a kitchen. That is why the solution is popular in both private homes and institutions where the right assistive aids can make it much easier to participate in the kitchen activities.

A discrete, durable and safe solution

The sit-/stand frame is a discrete solution. Once it is mounted, the kitchen will still have a nice, clean look. Partly because all installations and legs are hidden behind cover plates, and partly because the cover plates can be supplied in different colors to match the rest of the kitchen.

The frame complies with the relevant standard for assistive devices and is approved to a load of up to 150 kg evenly distributed on the structure.

You can increase safety even further by mounting a safety stop to avoid crushing injuries. The safety stop makes the table stop immediately if it registers any resistance, and the worktop will automatically reverse the direction allowing you to remove the object that is in the way.

A kitchen table frame you can adjust to individual needs

FlexiElectric is flexible enough to fit worktops from 60-300 cm in length and 58-62 cm deep. This allows you to use the frame in disability friendly kitchens and other environments where you need a height adjustable kitchen worktop.

The frame has vertical legs and horizontal support arms. The sturdy support arms keep the kitchen worktop stable and firm, and the result is an elegant floating worktop with maximum flexibility.

The frame is easy to mount. It is mounted on the wall, and if you would like it on a non-bearing wall, you can add support feet to provide extra stability to the worktop.

FlexiElectric is a lift system that makes kitchen worktops height adjustable and provides the elderly and disabled with a kitchen table they can adjust to their individual needs. This makes the solution suitable for private homes, schools, sheltered housing, nursing homes and many other places where people with limited functional mobility take part in the kitchen activities.

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/EN12182-2012
Max. load: 150 kg evenly distributed
Height: 65-95 cm

Various adjustment brackets, spacers for walls, cable bearer etc. are included

Number of legs and support arms depends on the size of worktop

Standard colour is white – RAL 9010

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