Aqualine Tilt Bathtub

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This tub is the tub of choice for those living with M.S. in Ireland. The BathTub tilts forward to allow easy access. The tub can also be used a sit down shower.

The special Keyhole shape of this Aqualine Tilt bathtub enables elbows and shoulders to be submerged in the water. The tub provides non-slip access from the front for those with Limited mobility. The Tilt tub is also suitabl for use with Ceiling Hoists and Floor Hoists too.

The contoured integrated seat provides a safe and secure bathing experience in both Upright and Horizontal Bathing positions. The unique contours of the tilting tub mean only 90L of water are needed to fill the bathtub. This is 33% less than any other tub on the market. With economy like this you can understand why Hospitals and Nursing Homes in Ireland are buying so many.

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