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A Changing Places Wash Hand Basin

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A Changing Places Toilet must have a height-adjustable washbasin suitable for wheelchair users and zimmer frame users. The Washbasin needs to be electrically operated by means of a push button and be anchored securely to the wall. There should be room for both standard wheelchairs and specialised electric mobility chairs underneath the washbasin to enable unrestricted access

Both the ROPOX SlimLine and ROPOX SwingLine are height-adjustable, and both are made specifically for people with disabilities.

SlimLine washbasin 

  • Slim and elegant design
  • Height-adjustable (electric)
  • Mirror and washbasin combined in one unit
  • Integrated grabs for increased safety
  • Smooth and cleaning-friendly surface with rounded corners

SwingLine washbasin (on photo)

  • Perfect for wheelchair users and walking impaired
  • Height-adjustable (manual)
  • Plenty of legroom under the bowl
  • Movable: You can pull the washbowl towards the user, so he or she can wash hands while seated on the toilet

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