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Height Adjustable Wheelchair Table with Tilting Tabletop

You can adjust the ErgoTable from 56-90 cm in height. The table is manually adjusted by using a handle that is easy to mount on the leg under the tabletop.

As you can set the height according to the needs of the individual user and the specific needs, the table is well-suited for both standing and seated work. Furthermore, it also makes it possible to vary the work position at the table, and the user can shift positions during the day if required.

If you need a higher table, you can increase the adjustable interval to 66-100 cm by adding an adapter.

The ErgoTable is available with a tilting tabletop that can be tilted with stepped angles up to 54°. This feature makes the table especially suitable for weak-sighted and users with limited reach or mobility.

Flexibility due to the broad range of shapes and sizes

The ErgoTable models comes in two sizes: 90×60 cm and 120×60 cm. However, the tabletop is available in several types with either a fixed tabletop, a tilting tabletop or a combination of the two. This array of tabletop types makes the table flexible enough to accommodate most users’ needs.

You can choose a tabletop that is fixed without the ability to tilt the tabletop, or you can choose the entire tabletop to be tiltable.


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