Wheelchair Accessible Tables

Height Adjustable Tables for Abled and Disabled.

These beautiful wood top tables and desks make reading and writing a pleasure. Not only are they designed to be flexible and adaptable to each individual users need, they are also quickly showing up in offices around the world as they provide the opportunity for employees to stand where once you could only sit. These tables have an elegant, modern and timeless design that makes them appropriate for both private homes, schools, offices and care centres.

A Wheelchair Accessible Table has to be user-friendly, height adjustable, and most importantly provide the wheelchair users with sufficient legroom.

In our ROPOX table range, you will find basic to advanced feature tables that are practical in terms of their application yet also supportive and facilitative in their adaptability to enable those with disabilities or more complex needs the same opportunity to read or draw or paint.

Using natural, sustainable and durable quality materials, our ROPOX single seat table  are available in either manual or electrical height adjustment and both are available with tilt-able table tops that can be supplied with or without Magnetic page holder bar.

These tables do so much more that hold paper. They help children access their education, they help seniors read in comfort and the give office works a break from sitting down for 8 hours a day. When the environment is set-up properly everyday life gets a little bit better.






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