Changing Places Toilets Ireland

What does a Changing Places mean in Ireland?

Changing Places Ireland hopes to replicate the success of Changing Places UK and provide standardised changing places toilet facilities in which a disabled bathroom / accessible toilet in public buildings, measuring 4m x 3m, is fitted out in accordance with Changing Places Specifications and / or Changing Places Layout guidelines (where appropriate)  complete with assistive aids and appliances to enable people with a wide range of disabilities or complex care needs a safe place to toilet when out and about.

How Did It Begin?

Zack Kerr, who has cerebral palsy, launched a campaign for more Changing Places after a “distressing” journey from his Lancashire home to south Wales in 2017.

“We stopped at three service stations on route along the M62, M6 and M5 but none of them had an accessible changing facility,” he said.

Zack’s unrelenting campaign for proper accessible changing facilities has led to a new government policy of providing

Large accessible toilets to cater for severely disabled people known as Changing Places.  

This policy is to be made compulsory for new buildings in England from 2021. This initiative is largely expected to be adopted by the Irish Government as part of a wider review of the Disabilities act of 2005 and the Dept of Environment current Part M building regulations.

Changing Places toilets are larger than standard disabled toilets and have extra equipment like adult-sized changing benches, hoists, peninsular WCs (further removed from the wall and with space at the sides) and showers. People with disabilities and their carers say Changing Places in public can be life changing and allow them to go out in the public without fear or stress.

For specific room dimensions, ceiling heights, equipment installation detail, and electric spur socket detail. Click here!

Click here! for a Comprehensive Quote of the Full Architects List of Equipment and Accessories required for Changing Places Toilets!


Please Click on the images below to learn more about the disability products used in fitting out a Changing Places Facility.


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