Prolonged sitting, has a negative impact on our physiology. From shortening hip flexors, tightening of glutes and lower back muscles it can lead to all sort of minor mobility issues. If you squat in the gym, you’ll understand what I mean. Being office based, and a PC user, I sat at my desk for 6-7hours. I also drove to and from work. When I got home, my wife handed me the kids and I sat somemore. So on the occasions I could get to the gym, I really suffered with pain in the front of my hip especially when lifting heavy. This all began to change when I started to consciously avoid sitting down for as much as was comfortable at work. We started selling Electric and Manual Height adjustable frames for office desks, PC desks etc. I converted my own at work. I also have one in my home office, with a beautiful Danish oak finish. It’s been 6 months since I started working with my height adjustable table. I’m squatting 15kg more and my hip mobility is much improved.

Our website is undergoing a complete revamp at the moment and with better images which will be launched very soon.

In the meantime why not call the office now for a brochure and choose from a wide range of wood finishes. Tables are shipped flatpack anywhere in Ireland and are easily assembled. Tables can take a load of 150kg. You can choose to buy the frame only and convert your existing table for as little as €250 ex works

We can custom make stand alone single PC tables, L shaped corner tables, Meeting room group tables for 8 people.

Choose from 6 colours of metal legs and 2 stop or 3 stop working heights.

These height adjustable desks are ideal for Home Office Workers, Gamers and anyone who needs to sit in front of a PC all day.


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