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Medical Privacy Screens for Hospital Wards in Ireland

Enable Supplies stock a range of easy to clean, Hard surface folding medical privacy screens for Hospital Wards in Ireland. We stock only quality Irish made privacy screens from EganMed. These medical privacy screens are supported by quality component suppliers in Dublin, Cork and Westmeath. We are proud to support local enterprise and to promote our domestic manufacturing sector. Hopefully you will help us in our endeavour to create more jobs locally by buying Irish.

Why Choose Screens?

These Hospital Ward Folding privacy screens provide a quick and easy privacy for wards using patient ceiling hoists or similar patient handling equipment. The design consists of rigid panels made from quality grade medical plastic that are easy to sterilise and prevent cross contamination, (something that is more relevant now thanks to Covid 19).

Our Medical Ward Privacy Screens can be as long as 4.5m, Wall mounted beside the bed or as short as 1.5m with a Mobile base for use as a three panel mobile folding ward screen that can be used as a temporary measure, or for end of bed privacy. All screens are 1.85m in height as standard and fold away neatly when not in use.

Folding Privacy Screen Options.

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