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Enable Supplies stock a beautiful range of living room furniture for disabled and elderly people who live at home.

By setting up our homes correctly with the right pieces of furniture, means everyday tasks that we take for granted as able bodied, such as reading the newspaper, can still be done even by those who may be recovering from ischemic stroke or have debilitating arthritis.

Please take time to explore the options we have bellow for seating and wheelchair tables. You can also view our disabled bathroom range, or wheelchair accessible kitchen range, and our wonderful hi-lo beds in our comfort sleeping range. Be sure to check our our patient hoists for elderly at home range too, should getting in and out of bed be a struggle for you.


Height Adjustable Reading Tables for Abled and Disabled.

These beautiful wood top tables and desks make reading and writing a pleasure. Specifically designed for use with wheelchair and less abled people.  These tables have an elegant, modern and timeless design that adapt to the person, meaning you can continue to read the newpaper in comfort, no matter your mobility level.

A Wheelchair Accessible Table has to be user-friendly, height adjustable, and most importantly provide the wheelchair users with sufficient legroom.

In our ROPOX table range, you will find basic to advanced feature tables that are practical in terms of their application yet also supportive and facilitative in their adaptability to enable those with disabilities or more complex needs the same opportunity to read or draw or paint.

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Comfort Seating for Elderly and Postural Support Chairs for Disabled

Take your time an click through the images below for the perfect comfort chair for your needs. Whether you need assistance getting on/off the chair such as a riser recliner, or you need a tilt n space lazy boy for TV viewing, we are bound to have the chair for you. All our chairs are customisable in terms of fabric choices, shape and size.

We can cater for regular seating for elderly right up to advanced stage neurological care chairs for use for people with MND, MS, Parkinsons or Huntingtons Disease.

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