Patient Hoists Ireland

By far our most popular Care at Home medical aid (angel in disguise) is the Molift 205 patient hoist or patient lifting hoist.

Designed to be compatible with wet room environments, the 205 effortlessly and gracefully transfers patients from bedroom to bathroom, with comfort and dignity.

The Molift 205 Hoist is the Hoist of choice for those who can’t lift their own legs into bed. By using a ceiling mounted hoist, it means that room sizes and flooring surfaces are no longer an issue. The system is easy to install and requires only 1 annual service. With a Molift 205 one person can safely operate and perform the transfer, provided they have been properly trained by one of our qualified manual handling instructors.

With a proper sling assessment a number of other care tasks can be performed around the bed. In fact as many as 15 different nursing tasks can be achieved around the bed with a Molift 205, this is in addition to bed to chair or bed to toilet transfers.

Not sure if your room is suitable?


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