Wheelchair accessible wash hand basins

For wheelchair users or elderly who may need additional support with manoeuvring around the bathroom. These height adjustable wheelchair accessible wash hand basins provide extra hand holds and options for people with reduced or limited mobility. The washbasins are designed to be used at a height comfortable to the user and are shaped to allow wheelchairs unimpeded access to the taps.

The Swingline wash basin is particularly clever in that it enables wheelchair users the option of cleaning their hands prior to transfer onto their wheelchair, ensuring their chair touch surfaces remain as clean as possible.

The Swingline wash basin has enabled severe and profound disabled wheelchair users the opportunity to wash their own teeth themselves independently. Their level of dexterity may only permit them to hold a toothbrush or hairbrush with support, yet with the amazing flexibility of the swingline basin, this activity of daily living is now possible for them.


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