Disabled Access Bathtubs

For those in Ireland who enjoy the hearty heat of a relaxing soak, Enable Supplies offer a range of accessible bathtubs designed to provide safe, dignified and comfortable bathing for the elderly and the infirm at home.

Enable Supplies have placed great emphasis on accessibility and safety within the bath. All Bathtubs have been provided with a safe and easy means of access to and from the tub. These domestic bathtubs are fitted with leak proof doors that allow the bather to walk into the tub. The Aqualine Tilt Bathtub, tilts forward to allow one to step into the tub.

All BathTubs in Ireland are made from doubled layered fibre glass and come complete with thermal Lining. This minimises heat losses through the walls of the bath, allowing prolonged enjoyment of the therapeutic benefits of the hot water. The contoured seat provides safe & comfortable seating. Enable Supplies can customise your bathtub to meet your specific requirements. The unique design of the bathtubs enables both Hydro Jet and Spa Jet options to be installed on the one tub. These baths also provide the option of a showering hose included in the bathing facility, this affords an easy hair wash and rinse option when finished bathing.

All our Bathtubs in Ireland are fitted with Anti-Scald locks and thermostats to control water temperature. The bathtubs are designed to last. The unique scratch and stain resistant material ensures that these baths will endure through the most rigorous and strenuous of conditions. The impervious and non-staining properties of the bathtub material ensure that cleanability and infection control are never a concern. Should you wish to have a Bathtub in a particular Colour. Just quote the relevant R.A.L. number and we will do the rest.

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