Adjustable Height Changing Benches

Wall Mounted or Free standing Adjustable Height Changing Benches make changing diapers and clothing a quick and easy task. These electrically operated units are adjustable by means of a curley cord handset that clips onto the frame. When the Changing Bench is not in use it can be neatly folded up against the wall.

The changing benches are available in a range of sizes to suit children and adults. Additional accessories such as safety side rails, mattress toppers, padding etc are also available.

Our Shower Changing Bench is a dual purpose unit that consists of unique PU foam pads that are suitable for patient washing and showering purposes. The advantage of these specialised pads is that they provide a soft flat comfort surface on one side for easy changing of clothes etc or flip them over and now you have a soft comfort bevel surface on which to roll and turn a patient in order to clean their back or rinse their hair properly.


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