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Disabled Kitchens for wheelchair users

The heart of the home is in the Kitchen. It is one of the rooms we use most often during the day, and it is important that it is easy to use – even if you are disabled or a wheelchair user. That is why we have developed a kitchen that is accessible for all. Please take time to discover which accessible kitchen would work best for you. (Note: the doors and countertops are available from IKEA, BnQ and other quality kitchen suppliers. We supply the frames and accessories.)

Accessible Kitchens – a flexible and accessible kitchen for all abilities

Flexibility, accessibility, and user-friendliness are some of the most important ingredients in a disability friendly kitchen. The flexibility ensures that the kitchen products are adjustable to fit the individual user’s needs. The accessibility makes it possible for everyone to use the kitchen and that there is plenty of legroom under the kitchen table, kitchen counter tops etc. And the user-friendliness makes it easy to adjust and operate the different kitchen products whether manual or electric

Kitchens for elderly, mobility impaired and wheelchair users

With accessible kitchen solutions created for the elderly, those with reduced physical capacity, visual impairment and even those with severe disabilities – special solutions are required. Amongst others, it may be necessary to use height adjustable cupboards to make it easier for the user to reach the cups and glassware.

It may mean using kitchen cabinets on rollers that can move in and out under the counter tops to aid with emptying the dishwasher.

Or it may mean having a height adjustable kitchen table with wheels so the whole family can dine together.

Send us your plan’s and we will supply you with all the tips and tricks we have learned over the past 20 years supplying these kitchens


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