Caring At Home

Dedicated to Quality Homecare Equipment supply across Ireland since 1999.

As you get older your ability to care for yourself may diminish until you reach a stage where you are unable to manage the house and care for yourself properly without adapting your home or installing some care equipment. Maybe you need help getting out of bed, getting to the bathroom, or managing the stairs.

Not knowing where to start is often the hardest part. That’s where our dedicated team of accessibility advisers provide a sounding board for you to discuss your options.

As we have extensive experience of disabled bathroom equipment and patient handling care equipment, we take a long term approach to you and your care needs. We consider your current level of mobility and likely level of mobility in 15 to 20 years time. We basically future proof your home, to enable you to live independently in comfort and with dignity.

“Being able to look after my husband at home for the last six months of his life was the most special and precious time we had together” Claire M. Dublin

“Mary is so relieved that she can sleep in her own bed, in her own home, surrounded by her grandchildren. She is so grateful she can continue to stay at home”. Patrick F. Dublin

“Christy would never go to a nursing home, not in a million years. It is fabulous being able to look after him at home, having time to look after him properly instead of always having to run into the hospital to see him” Sarah O’C. Cork


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