Nurse Call Alarm

This system is designed to free up nurses from administrative duties. The system provides a Point of Care touch screen ipad/console beside each bed. On this system all notes, care plans and call alerts are monitored and logged. The system comes included with Call (red) and Answer (green) Buttons like a regular nurse call system, however, each button has a data function and it can also log the data, to find out what time the call was activated, the response time to answer the call, and the course of action after responding to the call.

It’s a powerful work tool for nurses and managers to ensure nothing falls off the table. All care/social/nursing tasks are entered into the console in real time. All rounds and observation duties by nurses and doctors can be logged in real time on the patient’s files. Notes can be made for other personnel, such as cleaning/ maintenance/ kitchen/ wound care/ consultants etc. Access to relevant information can be restricted to each category of worker in the hospital, e.g. access can be set so the kitchen lady would only see notes relevant to food and drink. Etc

Patient Behaviour can be captured and logged in terms of fluids, calories, nappies, meds, feelings, social care. Patient Vitals can be entered in real time. Patient Requests, Family Requests, HIQA Requests for information can be printed and/or emailed in seconds.

The system is simple and easy to use.

With intuitive icons and navigation it means English language writing skills is not as important. Nurses are inputting the data at the side of the bed 20 seconds or less. The data is then held on a central server where management can review the information in real time reports. The nurse no longer has to carry a notebook and pen, or remember details in her head. It is all captured at the side of the bed.

Finally with our system SHIFT HANDOVERS are more efficient as all relevant data is populated on the computer at the nurse’s station and at each patient’s bedside. The Handover Notes can be configured in ISBAR or what ever the local handover template is. A simple click of the button and all nurses can have a hardcopy shift handover document in seconds.


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