Nursing Home – or Convert Your Home?

Converting Irish houses for home-care.

When it comes time to think about care for Mum or Dad, many Irish people were glad to discover that converting their home was the better choice, both emotionally and financially.

There’s numerous advantages in adapting your own home to enable caring at home, rather than sending a parent to a nursing home.

Aside from the financial advantages (we’ll get to those in a bit) the most precious gift we can give our parents and elders is time:

  • time to stay in their own homes where they feel safe;
  • time with grandchildren to develop and build bonds; and
  • time to remain part of daily family life.

Converting your home should cost less than months in a nursing home

With families unable to visit their relatives in homes across Ireland during the pandemic, there was a huge upsurge in interest and information on caring for the elderly at home.

Many people in Ireland have already converted their homes – and it’s often surprisingly easy and affordable. On average, it’s less than 3 months of nursing home fees.

In terms of financial reasons for caring at home, there are huge savings to be had, especially as a PAYE worker. The main upside is avoiding Fair Deal fees (which can be onerous) and protecting your inheritance.

Every home and circumstance is different but we have found that the cost of converting a home for home-care can be as little as one month’s nursing home fees. It can go to as much as 6 months if construction costs are needed. The median spend is about 2-3 months’ nursing home fees.

Home care conversion options – grants, equipment and more

Not sure where to start with homecare? Worried you will have to do all the work on your own? Don’t be! If you talk to an expert they can guide you through the whole process and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are doing the right thing for your family.

Talk to us today about grant funding, getting home helpers and the equipment you need to cocoon your Mum and Dad safely at home. Or send us an email to request our info pack. We’d be delighted to help you to help them.

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