Hey Nurse, Wake your Patient Hoists Up

What do you want a Patient Ceiling Hoist for?

Very often when sitting down with the clinical team as part of the scope of works for hospital refurbishments and extensions, I always ask the question, what do you want a Patient ceiling hoist for?

For hospitals that never had a ceiling hoist before, there are two frequent answers;

  • We want the same as XYZ hospital down the road.
  • We just want to get them from the bed to the chair.

But little do they know they are multiple ways in which the new overhead ceiling hoist can save them time, save them energy and save their health.


How to use a Hoist

Depending on the care situation, whether it’s treating a diabetic foot or checking someone’s standing blood pressure or oxygen saturation levels, the hoist can be used to do much more than transfer someone from bed to chair.

With the right training, knowledge and patient sling, the over bed hoist / ceiling hoist can be used for early mobilisation, rehab, gait training, to more mundane clinical tasks like skin inspections and wound treatment, to simpler everyday hygiene and toileting care tasks. In fact we reckon that at least 15 clinical tasks can be done with your patient hoist right now.

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