Interactive IP
nurse call system NurseCare

NurseCare is an intelligent nurse call system for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions. It’s based on advanced IP technology and represents the most innovative version of nurse call systems in the world. It is the only nurse call system on the market that combines a nurse call system with healthcare management and nursing documentation in one device.

The system’s communication is based on the Internet protocol and meets the highest security requirements (including the requirements of the German standard DIN VDE 0834 Part 1 and 2).

Different system connection options allow for wide installation possibilities in existing or new buildings. At the same time, it is possible to connect the existing nurse call systems of any brand and use the existing installation in the building.

Smart mobile app for the staff and reanimation calls

iNurse is an advanced mobile app for smartphones, intended for healthcare personnel in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions.

Interactive corridor display

InfoTab is an interactive corridor display for the nurse call system.

The innovative corridor display indicates the location of the call down to the specific bed, the attendance of the healthcare staff in the room, the assistance call, and offers on-demand content. When there is no active call, the display can show daily activities, information, weather, menus, and optional content.

When a nurse call is active, the display exclusively shows the call.

Character number and types of content are unlimited, enabling the user to determine which content should be displayed, and change the content via the simple-to-use web interface.

Complete digital transformation of your healthcare system

NurseTab is an interactive room touchscreen display that combines the nurse call system and the entire healthcare management and nursing documentation in one device. From health care to maintenance, porter function and many others.


  • Which members of the staff are registered in a room.
  • When did they enter the room.
  • How long did they stay in the room.
  • What services were provided by them.
  • For whom the services were provided.

Paperless healthcare management and documentation

NurseCare IP system offers management and documentation of all services performed in a room of a resident/patient directly on-site where the service has been performed – in the very room, via the NurseTab room touch display.

All data is linked to the existing hospital information system (HIS), without duplicating the data. The system also offers healthcare planning, notifications, task assignment, and advanced statistical reports.

Digitizing maintenance work

NurseCare system offers electronic management and documentation of all maintenance work (technical failure, cleaning, etc.) right in the room of the patient / resident.

The personnel that notices a failure can document it immediately via the NurseTab room touch display, notifying the maintenance staff instantly. They are then able to respond and fix the issue while documenting the finished task in the room.

Active and completed tasks are displayed with the sole purpose of offering your organization a clear overview of completed work and active tasks for the maintenance staff.

Alarm management platform

Nursing homes and hospitals have to meet the high requirements of operating and safety regulations, often having limited resources. The optimization of processes, and consequently also the costs involved, is therefore crucial.

Effective alarms are vital to safety and efficiency. Each alarm requires staff action, but sometimes the nursing process and pipelines are overwhelmed with nuisance alarms that cover the critical ones. When too many alarms overwhelm or cause complacency issues get lost in the noise.

How can alarms be managed more effectively?

A quick and efficient processing of alert and stand-by messages with Caretronic’s Alarm management platform NurseLog within the health sector can contribute to save lives.

Wireless IP nurse call system

IP nurse call system NurseCare can also be installed as a wireless system. All the call points in the room can be wireless as well as various sensors and wristbands for patients, residents or staff. With wristbands many features include location tracking, fall detection and much more.

also includes the NurseCare wireless hand transmitter, which also serves as a fall sensor. That means that a resident may call for help by pressing the button on the hand transmitter, while in the event of a fall, the alarm is triggered and the location of the patient is transmitted simultaneously, making sure the response is prompt.
Together with nurse call system we also provide fall prevention system with advanced technology in order healthcare personnel gets alerts prior to crisis situations patients’ falls can lead to.

Multimedia system for patients and residents HospiTab

Our multimedia system is a modern, technologically advanced solution for smart hospitals and nursing homes.

HospiTab allows:

  • Nurse calls
  • Service calls
  • Phone calls
  • Smart room control: lights, air conditioners and other devices
  • Internet access with online shopping and Youtube
  • IP TV and IP radio
  • Games
  • Information (weather, hospital information …)
  • Choosing kitchen menus and much more.

COVID 19 contact tracing

Biggest issues with nursing homes in case of epidemic? Caretronic’s solution for stopping the spread of the Covid-19 virus (close living quarters, many direct contacts daily, impossible recollection of contacts among staff and residents, most vulnerable people)

Fast and easy installation of COVID-19 departments with advanced IP nurse call system (wired or wireless). The system enables speech communication between staff and patients and therefor minimises unnecessary contacts.
Each patient, staff member and visitor gets a bracelet. Moreover, there are wireless controllers all around the building that locate individuals, enabling analysis of active virus contacts and thus providing optimal isolation plans. It is further enhanced with tracking of disinfectant usage by staff members, therefor directly improving KPIs.
Digitalization of automatic temperature measurement and other vital parameters (including heart rate, SpO2, RR, changes in pressure) – completely without staff intervention.
Wearable wristband or bracelet (red button) is also a call device within our nurse call system. NurseTag (blue button) is also an assistance call, security and login device for staff (blue button) – everything within the same System. It therefor enables greatest possible security for patients, residents and staff members.

Upgrade your existing Nurse Call system

Upgrade Your Existing Nurse Call System with NurseCare into your existing nurse call system to improve staff response time, resident well-being, data management, and customer satisfaction.

Many of today’s health institutions have deployed their communication systems in the past decades. These type of legacy systems no longer conform to today’s standards.

You have already invested in a fully compliant nurse call system. The system works perfectly well for it’s intended purpose. But you would be willing to change the system. Our solution covers a range of requirements without needing to replace your existing hardware.

Facilities who use Nursecare are afforded a wealth of data used to minimize response times, improve efficiency, boost resident quality of life, and demonstrate value.

Compatible systems
NurseCare system works with many of the vendors deployed (Rauland, Ascom, Schrack, Ackermann and others) .

Your system is not on the list? Contact us.

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From small to big, from local to global. We improve the quality of healthcare management around the world.

NurseCare system is very flexible, it can be wired or wireless. Caretronic team is always available, full of knowledge with a “can-do” attitude. We are looking forward to our future collaboration.

Customer from Vienna, Austria
Caretronic has decades of experience in the healthcare market, vast knowledge, numerous references, and last but not least an advanced IP Nurse Call system that combines a nurse call system with healthcare management and nursing documentation in one device.
Customer from Belgrade, Serbia
Great modularity of the system. The in-house experience and ability to integrate with the existing hospital information system made our decision with Caretronic easy.
Customer from Turku, Finland
Caretronic’s NurseCare helps aged care providers in Australia meet national quality standards by offering an innovative custom solution that is both powerful and flexible. Facilities can improve their workflow experience for staff and deliver documentation integration advantages for management, all whilst offering better ways for living and smarter ways to care.
Customer from Melbourne, Australia
The system’s ability to use existing infrastructure is a great advantage in convincing a customer to replace an existing system, along with the capabilities and flexibility of the system and continuous company support.
Customer from Eilat, Israel
An advanced manufacturer with a vision for the future.
Customer from Vilnius, Lithuania

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