Mum was afraid to need the toilet

Mum was afraid to use the toilet in our home

“We noticed whenever Mum would visit she wouldn’t drink liquids in our home. She had difficulty with her hands due to her arthritis and she was afraid to need the toilet. Since she got a Vamat shower toilet installed in her own house, it has changed her world. We now have one installed as well so Mum can stay the night if she likes or she’ll have a cuppa any time she wants now.”

Margaret O’Connell, Swords

What is a shower toilet?

A shower toilet is a must-have for a disabled bathroom in Ireland. A shower toilet, like Vamat, is a type of toilet that includes a bidet or a spray function for cleaning after toileting.

It is designed to promote comfort, dignity, and independent toileting. They can be easily and safely used by elderly people and individuals with disabilities, including those with physical disabilities and/or cognitive impairments.

Shower toilets are particularly helpful for individuals with arthritis or mobility issues, as they eliminate the need for wiping and reduce the risk of falls associated with transferring to and from a separate toilet and bidet.

The water spray can be adjusted for pressure and temperature to suit the user’s needs. Some models may also have a heated seat, a dryer function, and a remote control.

What are the benefits of installing a shower toilet?

Some benefits of using a shower toilet for independent toileting include:

  1. Reduced risk of falls: A shower toilet eliminates the need for transferring between a toilet and bidet, which can reduce the risk of falls associated with transferring.
  2. Improved hygiene: A shower toilet provides a thorough cleaning of the perineal area, which helps reduce the risk of infection and promotes better hygiene.
  3. Increased independence: Using a shower toilet can enable individuals with disabilities to perform toileting tasks independently, reducing the need for assistance from caregivers or family members.
  4. Privacy and dignity: A shower toilet can help preserve the privacy and dignity of the user, as it eliminates the need for assistance with cleaning after toileting.

Will a shower toilet work for you?

Very probably – shower toilets are available in a range of styles and configurations, and can be customised to meet the specific needs of the user.

They can be installed in homes, healthcare facilities, and other settings to promote independent toileting for individuals with disabilities.

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disabled bathroom equipment shower toilet

disabled bathroom shower toilet

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