Back to School Training for SNA’s who use Patient Hoists

Sling Technique vs Sling Selection

Having installed patient ceiling hoists in schools across Ireland for the past 20 years, it is encouraging to see the development of skills in carers and SNA’s in particular around patient slings.

The good news is that carers are starting to pay more attention to how to put on/off a sling correctly.

They’re crossing the leg straps correctly, they are running through the check list with the lifting bar orally and I’ve noticed in particular with SNA’s (special needs assistants) the strong communication between them when working in pairs. This was pleasantly obvious in a school in North Cork that required updated certification for the SNA’s recently.

Everyday is a learning day even for a patient handling instructor like myself. I feel I learn as much out of training others than they do from listening to me.


With schools returning back to the grindstone very shortly, now is the best time to organise a training day for your school, to start the academic year off on the right note.


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