Learning Centre

Enable Supplies, are delighted to present our new and interactive educational facility, The 'E.S. Learning Centre'.

Owing to popular demand, the onus was placed on Enable Supplies to provide a facility to help educate consumers on the importance of Risk Management and Proactive Back Care Programs. The Learning Centre provides an opportunity for care staff and management alike, to simulate hospital procedures in a comfortable and controlled environment.

The course is a How-To program, primarily geared towards the creation of a safe and ergonomic work environment for staff, but with a keen focus on patient comfort, privacy and dignity.

At the Learning Centre, Students can compare and observe new & improved working practices developed by other Leading Countries for various routine every day work tasks with how they currently practice these tasks in their own work environment. Students learn how Small changes can make HUGE differences.

Students will find the course edutaining and enlightening, and it will change many of their core beliefs. Management will note how initial investment in capital and procedures can result in long term operational cost savings.

For availability in upcoming classes, please contact our customer services department.

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