Core Values

The essential core of our great success has been a simple set of values that we at Enable Supplies strive to perfect daily. These core values, though humble and unassuming, have inspired real enthusiasm for the Enable Supplies Label.

  • Rapport. Being a relationship-based company, our primary focus is to establish strong, long-term relationships with all our clients. Enable Supplies considers its solid client relationships to be one of the bedrocks upon which we build our business.
  • Flexibility. As a solution provider, the firm's ability to adapt to the needs and guidelines of each individual, ensures that Enable Supplies consistently achieves an optimum solution when facilitating customers in today's dynamic environment.
  • Ambition. Enable Supplies are ambitious by default. The company continually strives for challenges to innovate and deliver bigger, better and more cost effective solutions time after time. By constantly pushing the boundaries of imagination and ingenuity Enable Supplies continue to break new ground for our customers, and continue to raise our standards of performance for Quality, Value and Customer Satisfaction.
  • Competence. With an unrivalled blend of Competence, Comprehension and Common Sense, staff trained at Enable Supplies, gain the ability to derive an optimum solution that best suits the customers' needs and wishes. By continuously investing in our staff, Enable Supplies ensures that it delivers the best solution, on time, every time.
  • Trustworthiness. Trust is precious. With an awareness for the concerns and the deadlines of others, Enable Supplies instills trust in its customers with its reputation for reliability, quality products, innovative solutions and friendly customer service.