Shower Chairs

Designed to facilate those who require assistance, achieve a comfortable and dignified showering and toileting experience. And now a special paediatric version is also available.

For a safe and easy transfer from the bedroom to the bathroom, Enable Supplies are delighted to present the latest in multi functional Shower Chairs. These innovative Shower Chairs provide three distinct functions.
1. Showering
2. Toileting
3. Transit

Shower Chairs are an integral solution to infection control. The ability to wash and clean patients efficiently and safely provides increased hygiene for the dependant and their living environment which helps to fight against infection.

These Shower Chairs eliminate the need for hazardous toilet transfers. The Shower Chair is specially designed to accommodate all standard Toilet Bowls. Therefore if the patient prefers to use a toilet instead of a commode pan, the chair can simply be wheeled over the toilet to enable voiding. These Chairs are great for Nursing Homes, as the Seat can be easily removed and sterilised. The Chairs provide the option of private toileting in the bedroom as the Commode Pan or Bucket, fits snugly underneath the seat to collect the waste.

These Shower Chairs are for indoor use only. The large castors greatly reduce the effort required by the carers when pushing these chairs. The peace of mind experienced by incontinence sufferers from knowing that their accidents can be catered for while being transited to the bathroom makes life easier for them and the carer.

By choosing an Enable Supplies Shower Chair, you are choosing a chair for life.These chairs are built to last 15 years minimum. They are made from Tubular Stainless Steel (Anti-Rust) and are specially treated with, a white powder coating treatment to protect the anti-rust frame.

The unique design and accessorising options available to these Multi-Function Shower Chair enables each chair to be customised to your specific needs. As virtually every part of the chair is adjustable, the chair is designed to grow as you grow. These truly are the best thought out life-time chairs ever.

Sway II

Sway II is an innovative indoor tilt chair which can be used both as a shower chair and as a commode chair.

Wave Chair

Wave is an innovative indoor chair which can be used both as a shower chair and as a commode chair.