Shower Trolleys

The new shower trolley completely made of stainless steel, is the ideal device for working with high-level care residents. The sturdy safety-hinges of the side rails and the extremly resilient stretcher turn this shower trolley into an indispensable aid for the daily care and safe transport of your patients.

A special scissors-type lifting system guantees a smooth and truly vertical electric or hydraulic height regulation. Thereby the shower trolley SINA can be adjusted to the respective working height of the nursing staff and at the same time ensures an easy transfer of the patient from the bed or the wheel chair. Eight double-castors, four of them lockable, with a special pivot point bearing provide for a smooth moving of the lift even on rough surfaces.

  1. Maximum stability
  2. Extra wide height adjustment by scissors-type lifting system
  3. Completely made of powder-coated stainless steel
  4. Double-castors for smooth and safe transport
  5. Stretcher positive/negative adjustable, e.g. also applicable for Trendelenburg position
  6. Extension of the stretcher by adjustable rail

Distinct Uses
Shower Trolleys and Hygiene PanelsAs an alternative to Bathtubs, Enable Supplies provide the SINA & the MULTICARE Shower Trolley. These Shower Trolleys are the most multifunctional and user-friendly shower trolleys available in today?s market. These Trolleys provide 4 distinct uses.

  1. Showering Table
  2. Transport Table
  3. Treatment Table
  4. Nursing Table