Stationary Ramps

The Stepless stationary ramp system provides a permanent, stable and secure outdoor ramp.

This ramp system offers platforms, walkways, railings, steps, supporting legs, safety guards, and access ramps. Is suitable where ramps are either too long or too steep.

The system is available in a variety of modules that can be easily assembled to produce a custom designed ramp to meet the user?s needs and preferences.

Made of solid weather-resistant metal, and a special Anti-Slip surface, it is ideal for outdoor use.

Modular Ramp System

Stepless has taken up the challenge against heavy, traditional ramp systems. The new ramp system is easy to handle and fits in perfectly in most surroundings.

With the new aluminium ramp system we have taken into account the increasing demands and requirements for improved working environment in which modules must weigh less while being able to handle greater loads.

Easy to order
To make ordering simpler there are around 40 ramp kits which are delivered complete with guard rails, support legs, screws, etc. A summary showing all available ramp kits can be downloaded from the Guldmann website.

Heavy duty - lightweight modules
The ramp system, which is made of aluminium, can withstand loads of up to 385 kg.

High flexibility
The modules can be combined and designed so that they suit user needs and requirements.

The modular construction and long life cycle of 15 years make the ramp system ideal for recirculation.

Easy to fit
Installation and dismantling of the ramp system are simple and easy.

Non-slip covering
The integrated, non-slip covering is child, guide dog and high-heel friendly as the covering comes without hazardous edges and holes in the platform and ramp modules.

Fast delivery
The modules are always kept in stock and can therefore be delivered in a short period of time.