Flexi Step

Flexi-Step is a new and patented revolutionary staircase lift system, which enables walking-impaired and people in wheelchairs to ascend and descend stairs that would previously have been inaccessible to them.

The staircase is simply and beautifully designed to fit in seamlessly with its intended environment. The result is a stylish staircase that provides accessibility for all levels of mobility.

It also eliminates the need for objects such as platform lifts, ramps systems and stair lifts which may impede pedestrian traffic flow. The staircase is available in a range of materials and finishes such as wood, steel or glass. It is also available as a compact model for tighter spaces and as an Outdoor model also.

The staircase is designed to collapse into a level platform to facilitate a smooth roll on, roll off transfer of a wheelchair. The Staircase then rises to its original position and enables the wheelchair to roll on, roll off at the new height and vice versa. If a wheelchair user descends the staircase, 60 seconds after they have rolled off, the unit will automatically return back from a level platform into a dedicated staircase in readiness for the next person. Specification

  1. The staircase requires no modifications to additional or existing building parts, and it not only replaces the regular staircase, but also any side-mounted lifting systems and other lifting equipment. All you need to do before setting up the staircase is to fit a 230 V power socket.
  2. Maximum load is 300 kg
  3. Will provide access for height differences of up to 1.5m