Hydro Thalasso

This hydrotherapy treatment is often used in day spas and wellness clinics. It utilizes seawater and seawater products for their minerals and healing properties. Thalassotherapy treatments can involve body wraps, or, more commonly, heated seawater baths.

Benefits include relaxation, increased circulation, and treatment of pain and injury. Some Europeans are even prescribed thalassotherapy by their own doctors, for problems such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis and other joint difficulties, back pain, weight loss, weight gain, post-operative care and childbirth recovery.

4 Celled Bathtub

For treatment of lower and upper extremities in various systems: electrogalvanic baths, contrast baths, units for Kneipp and Hauff as well as Hydro jet arm/leg underwater massage baths.

Butterfly Bathtub

Ergonomically shaped tubs for exercise treatment in water and for underwater jet massages.

Kombi-UWA-EL-200 (underwater massage therapy)

Underwater Massage with and without Electrogalvanic Currents Large size bath tubs with 610 Liter and 810 Liter capacity for therapeutic treatments using the joint relieving effect of water.

Medical Bathtub

Medical Tubs for medical baths with bathing additives or ingredients from local medicinal springs like carbonic acid, sulfate or minerals.