Medi-Care Pools

This exercise pool is used to promote strength, flexibility, cardio, stamina, kinetic movements, sensory development, and a variety of other physiotherapy threatments that could not be performed on land. The Pool provides the buoyancy necessary to enable people with arthritis to relax and exercise their joints.

The Pool offers much more space than regular spa tubs, thus promoting a wider variety of movement and a more vigorous exercise program. The water temperature is adjustable by means of an optional pool heater. The water levels can be adjusted to tailor to more specific exercise programs.

The Medi-Care Pool is the ultimate in excerise pools for hydrotherapies. The glass walls enable physiotherapists a clear and unobstructed view of biomechanical and gait exercises, (Something which is unachieveable in a public swimming pool). The Medi Care pool is made from Stainless Steel and glass wall construction. It has a freestanding, floor-mounted pool basin with a stainless steel bottom and it is the only hydrotherapy pool in the world that is welded together on site this means that there is no need for rubber seals. With no seals, you have no leaks.

The Medi-Care pool has access solutions for all levels of mobility. Those with limited mobilty can be hoisted in a seated or a reclined position into and out of the Pool with the telescopic Pool Side Hoist. For those with enhanced mobility, access is provided by way of the anti-slip steps

For more detail about the Medi Care Pool and Technical Options available please contact our Technical Support Dept.