Dynamic Stair Trainer

A revolutionary piece of equipment that significantly facilitates the recovery rates of heart attack, stroke, orthopaedic, neurological injuries or people who have been in car or work related accident, much quicker than conventional recovery programs.

The DST integrates horizontal parallel bars with a recovery staircase in one machine. The height of the steps can be incrementally adjusted to suit the needs of the patient. In this way each session is specifically tailored to the tolerance levels of the patient, allowing them to progress at their own pace.

The DST provides Muscle Strenght, Range of Motion, Joint flexibility, Co-ordination and Balance exercises. If people aren't strong enough to walk up the stairs, the DST can start them off walking down the stairs, 1cm at a time.

A more moderate slope - easier of some patiens to negotiate. With the filp of a lever, the CSR can be converted into three additional small stairs. This provides a total flight of seven stairs! Accommodates patients who tolerate a stair over a ramp.

A single WAH-1000 allows the therapist to easily narrow the distance between handrails by up to 12 cm(4.7 in). Use two WAH-1000 to center patients on the stair and/or accommodate pediatrics.

Extra long handrails for PTs who wish to expand the use of the DST as regular parallel bars.

The LHR is 50 cm.(1.6 ft.)longer than the regular handrails, giving 275 cm. (9 ft)of horizontal parellel bar.


  1. All-in-one solution for gait training & stairs
  2. Individually programmed for patient's needs
  3. Patients can exercise on their own
  4. Increases patient's motivation
  5. Accelerates recovery
  6. Saves therapist's time & effort
  7. Documents patient's progress


  1. General rehabilitation centers
  2. Pediatric rehab centers
  3. Physical therapy departments
  4. Cardiac rehab centers
  5. Sport rehab centers
  6. Skilled nursing and extended care facilities
  7. Outpatient centers


  1. Adjust stair height with push button hand control
  2. Large digital display allows for easy documentation
  3. Handrail height and width are easy to adjust
  4. Anti-slip surface for added safety
  5. Wheelchair accessible