Lift to Stand Hoist

For people with partial of complete control of their upper body, this Lift to Stand Hoist enables them to take an active part in the lift. Standing promotes circulation, digestion, breathing and muscle tone.

The unique design of the Lift to Stand Hoist enables a range of people from small kids to tall adults to use the same piece of equipment, with clever use of the height adjustable shin rest, arm rest and sling support loops.

Lift to Stand Hoists can be used to a lesser extent to facilitate dressing, toileting and transferring of the patient. However, this can be inappropriate sometimes as patients upper body strength varies greatly from person to person. The incorrect application may force undue stress on the person if they are tired and can no longer maintain an active part in the lift.


The transfer for instance from the bed to the wheel chair or from the wheel chair to the bathroom, seriously strains the locomotor and skeletal systom of the nursing staff and is one of their most exhausting tasks. Our new stand-up/raising aid NORA offers a considerable and effective relief of the day-to-day care.

Lift to Stand Table

This table is designed with the same concept in mind as the lift to stand hoist.