Motala 2000

A Compact lift that provides accessibility for those with the greatest need.

  • Smallest footprint possible while meeting current building regulations.
  • Silent operation and contemporary design that fits with any building style; the lift shaft can be glazed on all sides.
  • Environmentally friendly - the energy consumption is just one quarter of most comparable products.
  • Quick and simple installation.
  • Smart, reliable technology.
  • Solid mechanical design.

The Motala 2000 uses a patented drive system with guided chain. The chain is lubricated for life and requires no further lubrication after installation, minimizing maintenance needs. This means no messing with lubricants, no oil leaks and no emptying of foul smelling oil tanks. The lift is controlled with two guide rails running the height of the lift shaft, optimising the useable space inside the lift. The lift is just 130 mm wider and 80 mm longer on the outside than on the inside, making it the most space-efficient lift on the market. The patented drive system is exceptionally energy-efficient, as a motor with just 0,55 kW output is sufficient to control the lift.

All lifts are fitted with variable speed drives, improving the ride quality through smooth starting and stopping. The lift's exceptional reliability enables us to offer ten years warranty on the drive mechanism, along with five years warranty on the motor and gearbox. The rest of the lift comes with our standard two-year warranty.

User friendly

  • Large, clear call buttons.
  • Speaking floor indicator.
  • Low-noise machinery with smooth start and stop.
  • Vibration-free operation.
  • Braille on call buttons.


  • High-quality oak fittings.
  • Glazing optional on all sides of the lift shaft.
  • Stainless steel control panel.


  • Drive system with chain.
  • Safety glass throughout.
  • Machinery outside the lift shaft.
  • Fire alarm operation.
  • Oil-free installation prevents the development of gas and smoke in the event of fire.
  • Electric emergency lowering.