Nightingale Screen

A practical alternative to curtains

The Nightingale Privacy Screen by Egan Med Ltd. was developed with nursing, and care staff in mind. The screen is designed to replace curtain solutions in hospitals in order to;

  1. Improve Infection Control Standards and reduce the risk of infectious diseases that can reside on curtain material.
  2. Provide a quick and easy visual to see if the screen requires immediate cleaning (hence the white background).
  3. Eliminate laundry costs associated with Curtain Solutions.
  4. Eliminate Storage and Linen space for Back-Up/Spare Curtains.
  5. Eliminate Manual Handling and the use of Ladders to take down/ put up Curtains.
  6. Complement the use of Ceiling Track Hoists in Wards.
  7. Provide total patient privacy (Height 1.45m / 1.85m).
  8. Cleaning/Sterilising is simple and easy, and it folds away neatly.
  9. The screen is a Modular Design, meaning you can add sections to make the screen as long or as short as you want. (typically 15 sections = 4.5m length).
  10. Because of the Modular Design, it is easy to replace a panel should one get damaged i.e. You do not need to replace the entire screen. This saves money.

Screens can be personalised with a colour of your choosing. Subject to a minimum order. Contact us for further information.