Combining Sensory Integration with music has enabled those even with severve learning difficulties to become more expressive and to stimulate the minds and bodies. Co-ordination, imagination and exhileration are the rewards from soundbeam.

Soundbeam provides a medium through which even profoundly physically disabled or learning impaired individuals can become expressive and communicative using music and sound.

The sense of control, mastery and independence which this system provides is a powerful motivator, stimulating learning and interaction in other areas.

Soundbeam is a distance-to-Midi device which converts physical movements into sound by using information from interruptions of ultrasonic pulses. It sends out a beam of ultra-sonic pulses, like a bat, too high for us to hear. It then listens for echoes from any interruption of the beam and converts them (together with their changing distance from the sensor along with the speed of movements with the beam) into MIDI signals that play the electronic musical instrument you selected.

With soundbeam a child can develop a means of communication with the outside world, paint the pictures in their head with music, or just play a lead guitar to their 80,000 fans at Glastonbury.