• Overlaymattress with the possibility to put a foammattress of 4 – 5cm inside making it a complete mattress
  • The foammattress serves as a comfortable base should something happen to the alternating section or pump.
  • Medium to high risk; up to stage II
  • Round Nylon/PU-cells with straps for stability
  • Pillow-function for the headsection
  • Ventilated cells for the torso
  • CPR-function
  • Elastic straps on the corners to fasten the base to the bed.

One of the most used systems in various care environments, because the system can be used to treat bedsores up to stage II affecting a large number of patients.
In combination with the Q2-01-pump


  • 8L/minute output
  • Mechanically adjustable pressure
  • Visible low-pressure alarm