• Mattress replacement due to cell-on-cell bladders in 100% TPU.
  • No use of foam needed, so completely washable.
  • Very high risk, up to stage IV
  • Oval cells allow a larger contact area (better support) with the patients body.
  • Pillow-function for the headsection
  • Ventilated cells for the torso
  • CPR-function
  • Elastic straps on the corners to fasten the base to the bed.
  • Individually sealable cells

This system offers a practical digital pump and a mattress with individually sealable cells to fully relieve certain zones from any pressure. This method allows areas to start healing faster and patients to experience quicker results. The absolute top model against bedsores.
In combination with the Q2-03-pump


  • 8L/minute output
  • Digitally adjustable pressure and time cycle
  • Visible and audible low-pressure alarm
  • Static function for paintherapy
  • Autofirm function for nursing and treatment