Wippsi is new a seat concept. It introduces some order parameters like the mobile stored seat face that connects with the vertical adjustment beam to provide an optimal seating position.

Thus the proprioceptive portions of the motor system lead to an adapted tone.This tone adjustment works adjusting and/or modulates the sensory motor response system and thus increases the childs attention and concentration.

Wippsi restrains hyper active children and brings hi-tone children back to the activity they are doing at the table. Wippsi is very well applicable both for children and for adults in all areas of life.

http://www.enablesupplies.com/images/erfi/whippsey_1.jpg http://www.enablesupplies.com/images/erfi/whippsey.jpg
http://www.enablesupplies.com/images/erfi/whippsey%20setup%202_1.jpg http://www.enablesupplies.com/images/erfi/whippsey%20setup%202.jpg