Rehab and Hydrotherapy

Along with a host of traditional physiotherapy equipment such as parallel bars, bikes, treatment tables etc, Enable Supplies are delighted to present its newest addition, the Dynamic Stair Trainer.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water for prevention and treatment of various forms of ailments and conditions. Since ancient Roman and Grecian times, thermal baths and springs where not only used for cleaning, relaxation and pleasure but also for medical treatments.

Medical baths in general are baths containing bathing additives or ingredients from local medicinal springs. But electric current can also be used with medical baths as well to enhance the pain relieving effect during joint exercise therapies in water.

The health effects of water can also broadened again by the correct use of water temperature. Cold, it stimulates the blood circulation of the inner organs, it is anti-inflammatory and feels invigorating. Hot, it is good for blood circulation of the skin and muscles and acts as a relaxant. Betterblood circulation improves the immune system, encourages lymphatic flow and increases the supply of nutrients to cells.

Many Doctors throughout Europe prescribe hydrotherapy instead of drugs, for problems such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis and other joint difficulties, back pain, weight loss, weight gain, post-operative care and childbirth recovery.

For all the fields of hydrotherapy, balneology and thalassotherapy, Enable Supplies can provide a bathtub to cover the complete range of hydrotherapeutic possibilities. Enable Supplies can also can customise your bathtub to meet your individual needs.

Treatment Tables

Dynamic Stair Trainer

A revolutionary piece of equipment that significantly facilitates the recovery rates of heart attack, stroke, orthopaedic, neurological injuries or people who have been in car or work related accident, much quicker than conventional recovery programs.

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Rehab Equipment

Medi-Care Pools

This exercise pool is used to promote strength, flexibility, cardio, stamina, kinetic movements, sensory development, and a variety of other physiotherapy threatments that could not be performed on land. The Pool provides the buoyancy necessary to enable people with arthritis to relax and exercise their joints.

Hydro Thalasso

This hydrotherapy treatment is often used in day spas and wellness clinics. It utilizes seawater and seawater products for their minerals and healing properties. Thalassotherapy treatments can involve body wraps, or, more commonly, heated seawater baths.

Spa Therapy

A spa can provide the warmth, massage and buoyancy needed to both relax and exercise joints and muscles in the convenience of one's own home. Soaking in warm water allows muscles to become relaxed. Relaxed muscles can also create an overall feeling of comfort.